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Old Girls’ Society

The aim of the Old Girls’ Society is to keep former students and staff in touch with each other, and with the School. Each member receives an annual Newsletter, and a Membership Directory which is updated every few years.

The Old Girls’ Society currently meets once a year for the Annual General Meeting, which is normally held in March, at the school. A short ‘business’ meeting is followed by lunch which consists of a cold buffet, a selection of desserts, and tea or coffee. After lunch a Guest Speaker, (usually an ex-student or member of staff, but occasionally a complete outsider!!) gives a talk on their chosen subject, which may be their training or career, travels or voluntary work around the world, fostering a Russian orphan or teaching the “Darling Buds of May” children, or any other topic.  Around all of this, there is plenty of time to catch up with old friends or colleagues, teachers from your student days, or even students you taught.  Each year there is also a Bring and Buy Stall in aid of Barnardo’s, the Society’s chosen charity. All ex-students and ex-staff are eligible to join the Old Girls’ Society, the annual membership fee is £10.00 and the life membership is £50.00.

Details of the AGM are sent to members in February, together with an annual Newsletter and the Minutes from the previous AGM.  Every five years members also receive a Membership Directory containing details of current members.

The Old Girls’ Society has made donations to several students over the years, to help with fund raising towards the cost of various activities, for example, an expedition to Uganda for community project work.

Since 1998, the Society has also given an annual award of £50.00, to the student(s) whom the school considers has/have contributed most to school life in general.  The OGS Prize is presented at Speech Day, in November each year.


The 2018 AGM and lunch will be on Saturday July 7th, not in March as in the past. This is to coincide with the School 130th Anniversary event which is taking place that afternoon.

Details for the AGM and Lunch will be sent out later this year in May. We look forward to seeing members and friends on July 7th.

The AGM is open to all ex-students and staff of the school, you do not need to be a member to attend. Non-members wishing to come please contact Dawn Munn, Membership Secretary, by email at dawn.munn@sky.com. You will be sent an invitation with the details and a reply slip, which you will need to return with the appropriate remittance – the cost is £10.00 per person for members and £15.00 for non-members. Please note that members of the Old Girls’ Society will be sent the invitation in the post, and they should reply in the normal way.


Contact Details

If you require further details about the Old Girls’ Society, or you require membership application forms, then please contact: Dawn Munn (Membership Secretary) at dawn.munn@sky.com.