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Sixth Form Student Support

The Tutorial System

In the Sixth Form you will join a tutor group of approximately 27 students.  You will meet your tutor twice each day for registration and tutors frequently run Focus Day sessions.  Your academic progress is monitored carefully and your tutor will have regular interviews with you to discuss your progress and to offer help and advice if it is needed.  Your tutor will also be closely involved in the preparation of your application for Higher Education or employment.

Sixth Form Induction

There are many differences between life in the main school and life in the Sixth Form and it is important to make the transition as smooth as possible.  To facilitate this you will be expected to attend an Induction Day shortly after your GCSE examinations have been completed.  This will be on Wednesday, 11th July 2018.  You will participate in lessons in your chosen AS Level subjects, receive further detailed information about the programme of study and there will be sessions for the whole year group on more general Sixth Form matters.

Your induction into the Sixth Form will continue in the first term of the academic year.

Monitoring Academic Progress and Mentoring

Progress is monitored continuously through homework, class work and tests.  There are also a number of “tracking and monitoring” reports each academic year.  If your subject teachers are concerned about your progress they will talk with you about the situation and work with you to resolve any problems.  Your form tutor will also be alerted.  If the situation continues and cannot be resolved, the matter will be regarded as serious and followed up by the Head of Department and the Director of Sixth form.