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Sixth Form Student Support – Opportunities

Opportunities for Leadership

As senior members of the school you will have many opportunities to develop skills of leadership and organisation. All these opportunities are, of course, open to all new entrants as well.

  • You may become one of the Head Students, a Senior Student, a Sixth Form ambassador or a member of a House Leadership Team. In the last five years, a number of new entrants have gone on to become a Head Student or House Leader.
  • Some members of the Sixth Form assist tutors with the lower school tutor groups
  • There are many clubs and activities in the school and members of the Sixth Form frequently help to organise them. Your involvement in school activities is reflected in the many full and positive references that are produced.

Extra Curricular Activities

You will find there are many opportunities to become involved in extra-curricular activities, which can be both rewarding and enjoyable.

  • Our Drama facilities include two rehearsal suites and excellent stage lighting and sound facilities in the Main Hall, and all students are encouraged to use these facilities. There is a major drama production every 2 years, which usually involves a large cast and backstage crew. Members of the Sixth Form also regularly assist with the junior drama groups.
  • The many musicians in school are involved in an extensive range of musical activities, including a variety of ensembles, choirs and orchestras and a swing band. Equipment includes a digital multi-track-mixing desk, CD recorder and computers with sequencing software.
  • Many of the School’s clubs and societies are organised by members of the Sixth Form. They vary from year to year but recently have included the Debating Society, Christian Union, The Amnesty Group, Chess Club and many others.
  • We are a leading centre for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. Whether you are working towards your Bronze, Silver or Gold Award, you will receive help and encouragement to progress further. There is the opportunity to help with the running of the School Unit and also work with and support younger students in the school as they complete their awards.
  • The MGGS Yearbook is an informative and interesting collection of photographs that record the many people and events that make the life of the school. The Year Book is compiled and designed by a team of Sixth Form students in partnership with a member of staff and a local publishing company. It is eagerly awaited every year by present and past students together with parents, staff and governors.

Privileges and Responsibilities

As a member of the Sixth Form you will be the senior representatives of the school community. This position will carry certain privileges and responsibilities. These will be discussed fully during the induction period.

As senior members of the school:

  • you may leave the school site during the lunch hour, although you may prefer to remain on site and involve yourself in some of the varied activities that take place at this time.
  • there is no uniform but you should dress appropriately, and in accordance with the Director of Sixth Form’s dress code which is revised each year and published in the Parents’ Information Booklet distributed each August.
  • After term one, if your timetable allows, and provided your Attitude To Learning (ATL) scores are either 4 (Outstanding) or 3 (Good) in all subjects, you may have the opportunity to study at home during some of your independent study periods and use library and research facilities in Maidstone.

To enable the school to operate efficiently and for you to make the best use of your time at MGGS it is expected that you will:

  • behave responsibly, to yourself, to the school and the outside community.
  • maintain a good record of attendance.
  • arrive punctually for all lessons and registration periods.
  • organise your time effectively so that assignments are completed punctually and to the best of your ability.
  • attend all subject lessons and participate fully.
  • use your directed study lessons in Year 13 effectively and responsibly