Sixth Form Student Support – Opportunities

Student Leadership

In keeping with our school motto, non sibi sed omnibus, all students are encouraged to volunteer their time in service, but as senior members of our school, Sixth Form students will be invited to apply for student leadership roles. All of these opportunities are, of course, open to all students including new entrants, and each year external students hold the highest positions of responsibility alongside internal students.

Towards the end of Year 12, Head Students, Ambassadors, House Leaders and Subject Leaders are appointed. These roles comprise our Senior Student Leadership Team, and they are highly regarded within the school, undertaking a number of responsibilities and often representing the school at formal events or by liaising with visitors.

Sixth Form students aid Year 7 transition in the role of Form Assistants, guiding new students and visiting the form regularly as pastoral mentors. Students are also invited to consider leading whole school initiatives by becoming High-Performance Programme and Thinking Assistants.

In addition to formal roles and responsibilities, there are many clubs and other extracurricular activities in the school, many of which are organised and led by Sixth Form students, reflecting their individual interests. If there is a club or society you would be keen to found, you will be supported in creating this leadership opportunity, or you may choose instead to volunteer to co-lead an existing group.

Extra-Curricular Activities

We have two drama rehearsal suites and two mirrored dance studios in our outstanding new sports hall. MGGS boasts excellent stage lighting and sound equipment in the Main Hall, and all students are encouraged to use these facilities. There is a drama production and a dance showcase every year, involving a large cast and backstage crew. Members of the Sixth Form also regularly assist with clubs for the performing arts. Our senior dance troupe, G-Fix, performs and competes at an exceptionally high level, and the quality of our performing arts is something we are very proud of. The many musicians in our school are involved in an extensive range of activities, including a variety of ensembles, choirs and orchestras and a swing band. Equipment includes a digital multi-track-mixing desk, CD recorder and computers with sequencing software. MGGS is a directly licensed centre for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards). There is the opportunity to help with the running of the school’s DofE Unit, working with and supporting younger students as they too complete their Awards. Other clubs and societies enjoyed and led by Sixth Form students include the Debating Society, Christian Union, and Chess Club.

Privileges and Responsibilities

As a member of the Sixth Form you will be the senior representatives of the school community. This position will carry certain privileges and responsibilities. These will be discussed fully during the induction period.

As senior members of the school:

  • you may leave the school site during the lunch hour, although you may prefer to remain on site and involve yourself in some of the varied activities that take place at this time.
  • there is no uniform but you should dress appropriately, and in accordance with the Director of Sixth Form’s dress code which is revised each year and published in the Parents’ Information Booklet distributed each August.
  • After term one, if your timetable allows, and provided your Attitude To Learning (ATL) scores are either 4 (Outstanding) or 3 (Good) in all subjects, you may have the opportunity to study at home during some of your independent study periods and use library and research facilities in Maidstone.

To enable the school to operate efficiently and for you to make the best use of your time at MGGS it is expected that you will:

  • behave responsibly, to yourself, to the school and the outside community.
  • maintain a good record of attendance.
  • arrive punctually for all lessons and registration periods.
  • organise your time effectively so that assignments are completed punctually and to the best of your ability.
  • attend all subject lessons and participate fully.
  • use your directed study lessons in Year 13 effectively and responsibly