Attendance, Absences and Punctuality

Please note that only the school may authorise absences and any absence remains unauthorised until an acceptable reason has been established.


As you are aware, regular attendance at school is extremely important. If your daughter is unavoidably absent from school would you please contact us by 10am on the first day of absence, by telephone, fax or email (contact details here). There is an automated telephone answering system operating out of school hours.

Medical Appointments and Other Absences

If your daughter needs to be absent for part of a day for doctor or dentist appointments, or for non-medical reasons such as music examinations, please let his or her form tutor know in advance by way of written note.

Annual Holiday

We ask that holidays are not taken in term time. Holiday requests in term time will only be authorised in exceptional circumstances. Parents are asked to complete a holiday request form (available from the school office) and given to the form tutor as far in advance as possible.


Any student who is not in registration at 8.40am or 2.25pm will be marked as absent.

Any student who arrives between 8.40am and 8.50am should enter through the front door, collect a late slip and report immediately to their form tutor who will mark them in the register as late. Any student arriving at afternoon registration after 2.25pm will be marked as late. A late slip must be completed. The reason for the lateness must be recorded on the late slip.

Any student arriving between 8.50am and 9.00am should report to the reception area and complete a late slip which should be handed to the member of staff on duty or the receptionist. The student should then go immediately to the tutor room or assembly (as appropriate). The late slip will be placed in the register, the tutor will record the lateness at the next registration and then the slip will be filed. All late slips will be passed to the HOY.

Any student arriving after 9.00am or 2.30pm is deemed absent for that session. A letter of explanation should be received as for any absence.

Any student who is late 3 times in one term for unacceptable reasons will be given a detention.


The reason for any absence should be given by letter, telephone or fax, preferably on the first day of absence. For extended absences, the school should be contacted by the third day.

If a medical or dental appointment must be made during school time, a letter requesting authorisation for the absence must be addressed to the form tutor in advance.

Requests for absence for any other reason should be addressed to the Head teacher.

Any student wishing to leave school during the day should report to the reception, taking her authorised letter with her. She will be issued with a pupil pass.

Medical Problems

If a student feels unwell in a lesson he/she should report this to the member of staff who may send him/her to the reception desk. If he/she feels unwell during break or lunchtime he/she should report to her Head of Year.

No student should go to the medical room without permission. Mrs Alcorn or Mrs Harding, our medical room supervisor’s will decide whether parents need to be contacted. Heads of Year will be informed if one of their year group has been in the medical room.

If medication is required, students are asked to bring enough for one day only.

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