Careers Education, Information, Advice & Guidance (CEIAG)


At MGGS Career Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) are taken very seriously. As such we employ a full time, dedicated ‘Careers and Higher Education Coordinator’, provide an accessible and up-to-date careers library equipped with computers, careers guides and university prospectuses.

One to one interviews are scheduled for Year 9, 11 and 12 students before making their option choices and post 16 and 18 career decisions, year 13 students are also given detailed ongoing support for their UCAS applications and for apprenticeship or job applications. Every year we run an annual Careers Fair for all students to attend. Other year groups are supported through careers activities outside speakers, assemblies, optional careers interviews, focus days, the careers Google site, various Google classrooms and more. We also have careers education included in our year 7 and 8 ‘Big Questions’ lessons carousel, where we use various Thinking Skills techniques to explore students’ ambitions, interests and strengths to help them determine how to make good career decisions in the future. Our Careers Programme is updated regularly to include any new opportunities which present themselves throughout the year, all events are advertised to parents and students via email, the school bulletin and the Careers Newsletter.

These features are reflected in our Careers Policy and our commitment to achieving the national kite-mark, “Investor in Careers”. Visit the Investor in Careers Website. Our Careers Policy is reviewed and updated annually to ensure our programme is suitable and up-to-date. The next review will take place in July 2018.

A programme of Work Related Learning includes the option for Year 11 Work Experience and compulsory Year 12 Work Shadowing. An optional Extended Work Shadowing scheme is available in Year 13. In addition we work with outside agencies to deliver enterprise activities and to inspire students with information from the world of work.

We believe that providing Careers Education is an essential part of a young person’s development into a young adult. Students are challenged to consider their future while being aware of their skills and how they can adapt and apply these to the world beyond school. By giving students access to information about a wide variety of possible career paths, we broaden their horizons and inspire them to achieve their goals and ambitions. We measure the impact of our careers programme in a number of ways including our destinations information (available on the school website and prospectus- a more detailed breakdown is available to parents or students on request); after an individual event students are asked to fill in an evaluation (this covers Careers fairs, focus day activities and other workshops or talks throughout the year). We also annually get students to evaluate the careers provision via a google form, this information is then collated and used to inform the careers programme for the next academic year.

We welcome input from students, parents and carers on the subject of careers; Miss Rhodes can be contacted by telephone or email during term time. Each student has access to impartial CEIAG through the school’s careers programme, CXK service and our CXK Personal Advisor.

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For further information about the school's Careers policy and CEIAG entitlement programmes for our students, please contact Miss Rhodes the Careers and Higher Education Coordinator - 01622 752 103 ext 410.
Email Miss Rhodes

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For further information about the school’s Careers policy and CEIAG entitlement programmes for our students, please contact Miss Rhodes the Careers and Higher Education Coordinator – 01622 752 103 ext 436 . Email: