Homework is set regularly in most subject areas and a timetable is devised so that the homework is spread out evenly during the week. Homework programmes and homework time allocations for each subject will be issued to students in September. Homework assignments will be introduced gradually to support students in the transition between primary and secondary school.

Students are always given sufficient time in which to complete their homework and a date will always be set when the work is to be handed in at school. If for any reason a student or parent foresees any special problems preventing the work being completed on time, the student must personally see the member of staff before the deadline. Where necessary, staff will always make individual allowances in special circumstances. However, if work is not completed on time without explanation, students will be given supervised time in which to make up the work.

Information for Parents

For many students starting secondary school regular homework set by a number of teachers is a new experience. These pages aim to explain our policy on homework, to give an idea of the activities set by different subjects and to provide some indication of the amount of time which should be spent on homework. They also offer some guidance on parental help and outlines the procedure involved if there is any cause for concern.

Why Set Homework?

Homework supports the work undertaken in the classroom. It offers the opportunity to complete and develop work begun in the classroom or to reinforce skills learnt in school. Homework can provide an opportunity to prepare for future activities and can allow students to make use of resources not available in the classroom. It can contribute to the development of skills such as personal organisation, independent study, perseverance and initiative.

Homework is set on a regular basis by teachers of most subjects according to a homework timetable which your daughter will be given during the first week of term. Homework assignments will be introduced gradually over the first few weeks of the Autumn Term. Form tutors will work with students on how to tackle homework.

The Student Planner

During the first week of the Autumn Term students will be issued with a Student Planner. The planner should only be used for the purpose of noting homework assignments. It is important that your daughter has her planner with her at all times. Homework assignments should be noted in this booklet. Teachers will give students time in the lesson to note down homework and allow time for any queries to be dealt with. Should no homework be given the students should write “none set”.

Parents are asked to look at and sign the Student Planner on a weekly basis; however, during the first weeks of term you may prefer to look at the book more regularly and discuss with your daughter the work completed and the amount of time it has taken. Parents are asked to sign the relevant page in the planner as an indication that homework is being completed and that adequate time is being spent on this important aspect of secondary schooling.

Any parental concerns regarding homework should be noted in the planner or sent into school via a separate note. Form tutors check planners regularly; urgent problems should therefore be drawn to the attention of the form tutor as they arise.

Homework Schedule

Homework time allocations for each subject follow. We would emphasise that these times are not definitive; the nature of the task and the ability and interest of the individual may mean that on some occasions your daughter may spend a little more or less time on a piece of work. It is not expected, however, that she spends an inordinate amount of time on one subject to the detriment or exclusion of others.

Should a piece of work prove difficult to complete in the time set your daughter should indicate on the exercise why she found it difficult and the amount of time spent on the task. This information will provide valuable feedback to the subject teacher who will be able to take remedial action.

Marking of Homework and Classwork

Written work completed during homework sessions and during lessons will be marked according to each department’s assessment criteria. Although work is not necessarily marked on a weekly basis it is marked regularly, thereby allowing teachers to monitor your daughter’s progress.