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Welcome to the Development Trust Office


The role of the DTO has become more prominent over the recent years. With cuts in local and national funding to schools, new ways and methods of fundraising have had to be developed to provide schools, their students and staff, with improved amenities. But, fundraising isn’t the only function of the DTO. The roles are many and are summarised below:

  • Create and maintain links with MGGS alumni
  • Engage with and use the skills of those alumni
  • Respond to projects identified by the governing body that need the input of the DTO to take them forward
  • Help maintain the community feel of the school by engaging with current parents and guardians
  • Operate closely with the PFA and Old Girls to ensure we all work with the same goal in mind
  • Network with local businesses and associations to secure funding for projects.

With regular updates produced for the Parent and Staff Bulletins, website updates here and twice yearly Newsletter – we will keep you informed and excited by the work of this office.

This is our plan of action! The capital campaigns are specific projects that have been identified to the DTO by the governing body. The DTO will fundraise for (as necessary) and manage them to their conclusion. Some of the smaller capital campaigns can be funded from existing DTO funds, built up by current and new donors contributing on a monthly, quarterly or annual on-going basis.

Project Hearing Loop

Task: to install a Hearing Loop in the main hall
Cost: c. £1,000
Funded By: existing DTO funds
Project Start Dates: February 2016
Anticipated Completion: End of March 2016
Funds Raised So Far 100%

Project Sports Hall Floor

Task: to fund the flooring of the new Sports Hall with a hi-spec, four-layer sponge foam floor
Cost: c. £80,000
Funded By: an anonymous donor
Project Start Dates: 2015
Anticipated Completion: April 11, 2016
Funds Raised So Far 100%


This is our call to action at the beginning of certain capital campaigns. Once we have identified the project and costed it up then the cry of “Find the Funds” will be heard. There are links below to help Find the Funds for specific projects.

Standing Orders

If you would like to make an on-going donation to the DTO by way of standing order, please download the form here. An original signature is required on the standing order form, so please print and return it to me. Alternatively, set up the standing order via your online banking and send the completed form back to me so I have the Gift Aid authorisation and record of your giving.

Legacy Giving

You may like to remember Maidstone Grammar School for Girls in your will. We have been delighted and surprised over the years to be left legacies from our former students. These legacies can be restricted to a particular area of school that you were attached to, or you may be happy to let us use your donation on whichever project we are currently working on.

Major Gift Giving

As the completion of our Sports Hall was drawing to a close, we were thrilled to receive an anonymous and unexpected donation of £80,000. This enabled us to lay the type of flooring that the hall required – a truly 21st century, state of the art finishing touch! We welcome any size of gift for our projects. Your gift will be treated with respect and used according to your instruction – anonymity will be assured if you wish. Please contact the Development Trust Office by email and I will arrange to come and see you to discuss your gift giving further.

The DTO is in the process of building up a huge database of our MGGS alumni, this includes ex-staff as well as ex-students. As a school now approaching 130 years old, we will never exhaust our supply of alumni and it will be a life time quest to track everyone down. We have already been in contact with so many alumni and are building up a picture of them and their time at MGGS. Do not be concerned that getting in touch will lead to a constant request for money from the DTO!  Please download the form below requesting information about you. Although financial donations are always welcome, our work with alumni is also about re-connecting you with each other and us, and seeing in what way you can help our current students:- perhaps with some mentoring or maybe come and talk to them about life at university; your job; your travels. Come and inspire them!

Please fill in the details request form with as much (or little) detail as you wish and return it to