Staying Safe Online

At MGGS we believe that technology should be embedded throughout the school and that we should utilise both existing and emerging technologies as a means to prepare our students for the digital age. Learning to use online resources appropriately and effectively is an essential part of each student’s education.

However, there are a number of risks associated with going online – some are general and some more specific. There are a number of sensible measures which you need to take in order to protect yourself against these risks, which include identity theft – this is where criminals can steal your personal details and potentially empty your bank account.


This can be as simple as using strong passwords, but not making them too difficult to remember.  Ensuring you have adequate and up-to-date anti-virus/anti-spyware and firewall software will also help to mitigate some of the risks.  Learning how to distinguish between genuine and fraudulent websites and emails is also very important as visiting fraudulent sites and opening infecting emails can leave you wide open to attack.

Content Filtering

At MGGS we connect to the internet using the KPSN (Kent Public Service Network) and that provides our Broadband connection.

The internet that MGGS provides is filtered and monitored to ensure the school can meet its duty of care to all students and staff by ensuring that access to inappropriate material is blocked.

Filtering is used to block inappropriate or illegal content, restrict security breaches and maintain sufficient bandwidth for all users. Sites are categorised by an industry leading package with local administration to allow us to adjust filters for age appropriate content (e.g. Sixth Form students have different filtering rules to lower school students).  Staff are also subject to filtering and monitoring.

The IT team have the ability to adjust the web filter to make any necessary changes. If you have content that you believe is of use to your education and it is blocked, please ask the IT team to review the website. Some websites are blocked by a SLT decision and this can be revoked with the Leadership Team authority.

Acceptable Use

All staff and students agree to the schools Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) on first use of the school system, it is then re-signed should there be any changes or updates. This documents forms the basis of the expected online behaviour of all users. Please note that whilst the school takes all necessary measures to protect all school users from accessing inappropriate content, the internet can never be policed 100%. As a result we accept no liability for anyone accessing illegal or inappropriate material via our systems. Any users whose actions are in contravention of the schools AUP may face disciplinary action and or loss of future network access.

Staying Safe Online

If you would like further advice about staying safe online then there are a number of very good websites that you can visit:

Presentation materials from the January 2020 parents’ e-safety evening

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