Sixth Form Virtual Induction Day 2021

Welcome to Induction Day and an Introduction to the MGGS Sixth Form

Welcome to our Sixth Form

An Introduction to the MGGS Sixth Form

Welcome from the Head Students

Hi everyone, and welcome to the MGGS Sixth Form induction day 2021! It’s such a shame not everyone has been able to come in today, we were so looking forward to meeting all of you and welcoming you to the school. It’s been a tough year for everyone and you have all had an incredible amount of uncertainty. We can only hope that in September Sixth Form will return to its normal functioning! MGGS has given us so much support through everything this past year and is such a wonderful community to be a part of. Hopefully, today will begin to show you that. If you have any questions unanswered at the end of the day, please do not hesitate to email any of us using the email addresses given to you by the school today.

Wishing you all the best,

Head Student Team 2021-22