2021 Royal Society of Chemistry School’s Analyst Competition

On 11th May, 18 of our most able Year 10 chemists at MGGS completed in The Royal Society of Chemistry Schools’ Analyst Competition.  In this competition our Year 10 analytical chemists were employed to help with the fictitious investigation of three damaged chemical barrels found washed up beside the River Flumen in the rural town of Allvale. Alerted by the fire service, investigators had taken samples of the contents of the barrels and provided them to the students for analysis. 

Our students completed a range of qualitative analytical tests including flame tests, precipitation reactions and chromatography.  This competition enables students to demonstrate and expand on their existing Chemistry knowledge, skills, and aptitude for analytical science, through practical experiments based on relevant problems. The competition aims to provide some tasks that are familiar and others that may be unfamiliar or require additional research.   The results are now in and the winning team were the Normans with Rachel, Jess and Amelia!  Well done to all involved!

2021_Royal_Society_of_Chemistry_School’s _Analyst_Competition

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