A Whole Lot of Drama!

A Whole Lot of Drama!On Thursday January 19th Nick O’Brien from The Stanislavski Experience visited the MGGS Drama Department. Nick spent four hours working with some of our Year 10 GCSE Drama students and a keen group of year 9s. 

The two workshops focused on the work of theatre legend and ‘Father of Naturalism’ Constantin Stanislavski. Stanislavski played a massive part in helping to shape actor training and the kind of acting that we see now on stage and screen. Students were put through their paces and really encouraged to think about their character’s objectives and given circumstances in order to create more truthful performances on stage. Some really thoughtful work was produced and the students certainly have lots of rehearsal techniques to take away with them and apply to their own work and the study of The Crucible by Arthur Miller. Well done to everyone that took part.

MGGS - A Whole Lot of Drama A Whole Lot of Drama at mggs

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