Advanced Thinking

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Some of the teachers at MGGS have been incredibly busy this term attending conferences and festivals learning about metacognition, teaching and learning and how best they can be utilised inside and outside the classrooms.  

Mr White and Mrs Wood spent the day at the Festival of Metacognition (International Thinking Schools Conference) in Birmingham leading a workshop based on meta-cognition and tools to support long-term learning.  Their sessions were incredibly well attended with over 150 teachers and lecturers present.  Once they had completed their workshop Mrs Wood and Mr White were given the opportunity to attend a number of different talks/workshops hearing about the most recent  research into the use of metacognition in schools and in the classroom. 

Mrs Robbins, Mrs Wood and Miss Farrington spent two days at the festival of Education.  This festival is the UK’s largest and leading professional development event in the UK for teachers and those with any interest in the world of education. The festival this year hosted over 200 leading speakers from the world of education. Mrs Robbins and Mrs Wood were invited to be one of those 200 speakers; presenting to a number of people about ‘Teaching Students Metacognition’. Across the two days, Mrs Robbins, Mrs Wood and Miss Farrington along with over 5,000 education professionals attended a number of thought-provoking sessions from some of education’s leading thinkers.

The teachers who attended these events have come away with some great ideas of how Advanced Thinking can further be developed at MGGS.  We are all looking forward to what 2022-23 brings!


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