BIMA Digital Day 2022

BIMA Digital Day 2022As their caption says ‘9th November – One Day. Makes a world of difference’, BIMA digital day gives an insight into digital careers for our Computer Science students.

This year 40 of our Year 10 students participated in the national-wide challenge to design and propose an innovative, technological approach to solve a problem for Primark and Royal Mail. Primark wanted a solution to improve on their sustainability factor and Royal Mail was looking for ways to improve their customer satisfaction rates. The event was facilitated by one of our trusted digital marketing companies ReflectDigital.

Students worked in small groups to design apps that can reach out to diverse audiences and produced marketing material to promote their idea. Each group presented their designs to a panel of judges. The ideas from two groups have been chosen to be evaluated by the sponsors. Here is a glimpse of the day in action.

BIMA Digital Day 2022 at mggs    MGGS host BIMA Digital Day 2022

MGGS celebrate BIMA Digital Day 2022    BIMA Digital Day 2022 - attended by mggs

BIMA Digital Day 2022 @mggs    @mggs BIMA Digital Day 2022

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