Black History Month

Black History Month at MGGSThis month MGGS students have been going beyond the curriculum to explore the contributions of Black people from the past and present. 

Year 7 have been creating poetry in their English lessons; Year 8 a quilt of significant people in form time, while Year 9 have selected a significant figure related to one of their subjects to research as part of their History work – popular people have included the artist Kara Walker and South African Civil Rights activist Nelson Madela.  KS4 and KS5 have been given the opportunity to watch ‘The danger of a single story’ by renowned Nigerian author Chimamamda Ngoze Adichie. 

Year 10 students Princess, Hannah, Fiyin and Peace have gone even further by developing an assembly of significant contributions of Black British people in education, politics and the music industry, which they delivered to all year groups alongside Mrs Hart, Deputy Headteacher and Miss Farrington, Head of History.  The girls were outstanding in all 4 assemblies and should be immensely proud of their work to promote such a significant event.

Below is an outline from our students explaining why it is important to celebrate Black History Month.

Fiyin – “Black History Month allows people to see the contributions that Black people have made throughout history.”

Peace – “Black History Month allows people to further their understanding about  black cultures and the contributions that Black people have made to various industries as a whole.”

Hannah – “In the 21st century whilst there are barriers I feel I can break them. I know that I can achieve it if I put my mind to it, Black History Month allows me to hear inspirational stories that encourage me to challenge discrimination.”

Princess – “I believe it is important there is representation in all aspects of society such as art, literature, engineering and science as diversity is important in order for all young people to feel valued.”

Our approach to celebrating BHM is to continue to promote inclusion and to further develop a sense of belonging.

Celebrations of Black History Month at MGGS

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