Brownies’ MGGS Night

On the 3rd February, my Brownie unit (2nd Loose Brownies) had an MGGS night because their theme for that term was the Maidstone Monopoly. The leader decided as both me and another young leader at the unit both go to MGGS, that it would be nice for the girls to have a themed night and get first-hand information from their young leader. Before the event, I asked Mrs Starns if it was possible if I could have anything to bring to the night for the brownies and she kindly gifted me MGGS merchandise like rulers, keychains, pens and tote bags and very luckily she loaned me the MGGS monopoly board as well for the brownies to take pictures with. 

When the Brownies arrived at the hall, their first task was to design a brand new MGGS uniform without the colour brown included, each six had to choose one of their designs to be put forward for Norah and I to choose 2 winners and the winning six, like normal, received 2 brownie points. I chose the Leprechauns’ design (the one on the left) and Norah chose the Pixies’ design (the one on the right)

Brownies’ MGGS Night MGGS - Brownies’ Night

After they completed this activity, we sat in a circle and the girls asked me and Norah some questions about our experiences at school like what our favourite subjects were and what courses we take for our GCSEs. They then went on to discuss what possible worries there could be about moving to a secondary school, this was an important topic to talk about because most of them will be moving to a new school in the upcoming academic year. Some examples that were discussed were:

‘I would be worried about getting lost and not knowing who to ask’

‘I’m worried about forgetting equipment needed in lessons’

‘I am worried about not making new friends’

We also talked about how we can find solutions to the worries discussed so they know what to do if they ever experienced getting lost in their new school for example.

This led nicely to their last activity, which was to create an advert for MGGS targeting their worries about coming to a new school and the ways they could solve their problems. They split into 2 groups and were given 15 minutes to make a drama piece about school and at the end they would perform they’re acts to one another. One group decided to do their performance on getting lost in school and asking elder students for help, and the other group did theirs on test worries.

At the end, they all got a ruler and either a keyring, pen or tote bag. They very much enjoyed their night and some are keen to come to this school in the future.

Brownies’ MGGS Night celebration   Brownies’ celebrate MGGS Night

Brownies’ MGGS Night - Maidstone Monopoly

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