Careers Update – Future Fridays

Last week students were split again on the vote.
KS4 voted to hear more about being an: Archaeologist and KS3 and KS5 voted to hear more about being an: Anthropologist.
An anthropologist is not cited on Careers Pilot however after some research it seems the LMI (Labour Market Information) is the same based on careers within the Natural and Social Sciences professions.

Annual Salary- £21,000-£36,000 (Average salary recorded in 2019 was £30,378)
Future Employment – Growth of 3.3% by 2027
Current Working Situation – South East has 3,138 people working in this job slightly more than London that has 3,085

If any parent/ carer works in these sectors (or any that I mention on Future Fridays) please do get in touch as these are the careers that our students vote on and want to hear more about.


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