Coming Next Week … Open Afternoons

Following our amazing Open Evening on Tuesday and due to the number of requests, we are opening up our Open Afternoons on Tuesday, 18th and Wednesday, 19th October to Year 5 students as well as Year 6.  The afternoon runs from 13:40-15:30 and booking is essential.

Following the pandemic MGGS had taken a more cautious approach to these open events, however, Year 5 students are very keen to come and experience MGGS on a normal school day and see lessons in action.

There will be guided tours and opportunities to view some of our current Year 7s work and talk to them along with a short presentation at the end along with discussions to answer any questions you may have.

To book now please simply complete the booking form here:

To view our new eco-friendly interactive Prospectus now:

Coming Soon ... open afternoons

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