Congratulations to Zohar – Oxford University Summer Course!


Congratulations to Zohar O in Year 10 at MGGS who attended and successfully completed a course at Oxford University this summer entitled ‘New Perspectives’. As part of this Zohar attended courses in Forensic Science, Experimental Psychology and Photography and Sketching. Zohar commented that she found the whole course very beneficial and interesting, and useful for her future career plans. Further information about Oxford Summer Schools can be found at ( Other universities also run summer schools with booking for 2022 generally taking place before the end of 2021.

Congratulations_Zohar“During my two week stay at Oxford I learned a lot about myself and determined the goals I would want to achieve in my future job. I took three courses, including Forensic science; this made me confident in my decision of what I would like to do in life, career wise. I hope that I will have this incredible experience again next year in search of new perspectives! ” ZoHar

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