Creative Writing Competition @MGGS 

Creative Writing Competition @MGGSThis term’s theme for the Creative Writing competition was: Write a story about ‘A Spring Day’. Congratulations to the winner Ezra-May P!  Here is the winning piece: 

A Spring Day – From the perspective of a daffodil

I wake to the warm sun gently touching my skin. Spring has come! I emerge from my bed and turn my head towards the light. Beautiful. There truly is nothing like it. I take a couple of minutes while I absorb the water and the nutrients in the moist soil from the gentle spring shower last night. I have become stronger. My yellow petals widen. I remember just being a simple bulb and how far I have come. In those times I heard rumours about the giants, the ones that grab you and pull you from your bed. Chop off your feet and leave you in a jar with others who have devastatingly suffered the same fate. Just left in display to die. I wasn’t going to witness this firsthand. I didn’t want to be the one left on the windowsill, shriveling up. Waiting to be thrown out because anything was better.

Fast forward a couple hours and the sun is brighter and warmer and sunbathing has become my new favourite pastime. I love being above the soil. I can watch the children practise cartwheels in the garden and the adults cook barbecues and for the first time I am filled with envy. That I cannot taste such amazing smelling food! I remember Reggie. My best friend from the bulb bag! I wonder where he is now, whether he has been blessed with the opportunity to flower. To grow from the brown lump into a daffodil. Like me. I remember distinctly his four green spots on the left of his bulb. He was different. He was unique. 

The giants. They are here. I hold my breath. It can’t be me, please don’t let it be me! They skim past me. Relief. Although I feel really bad for the daffodils that didn’t make it. And soon they will be on the windowsill for all to see. 

The display is up. They start their slow descent into the grave. I watch as a petal falls. The most beautiful shade of yellow with 4 green spots.

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