#CS Gateway – The Inter-School A-level Computer Science Meet

Teachable machineOn 28th March, the Computer Science department at MGGS hosted the first ever inter-school A-level CS Meet. The event had approximately twenty five year 12 students from our school, Maidstone Grammar and Oakwood Park Grammar engaging in informative sessions with Mr. Parker-Cole and his colleagues from Google followed by the much-awaited hands-on experience on Machine Learning

Students worked in groups on training models to be able to understand 

  • visual representation of numbers from 0 – 9
  • enable the machine to intercept people’s emotions (happy, sad, angry etc.)
  • recognise road signs to warn vehicles to slow down / stop (AI in automation)
  • speech recognition (slow, clear, too fast)
  • people’s actions
  • and more

The winning team was the group of students who designed a mapping to understand hand gestures to numeric values (counting for younger children). The students walked away with loads of rewards sponsored by Google.  An engaging insight into Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence!

#CS Gateway - The Inter-School A-level Computer Science Meet

#CS Gateway - The Inter-School A-level Computer Science Meet_at mggs

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