Curriculum and Sixth Form Extra Update

MGGS_Sxith Form_Curriculum_Update

So far this year in Curriculum and Sixth Form Extra, students have been introduced to a wide range of topics and skills across Years 7 to 13. These include subjects such as Astronomy, Advertising, Sustainability in Design, Roller Skating and Self Care. In Years 7 and 8 students have been exploring Big Questions such as: What comparisons can we draw of our lives and those of the past? What is metacognition? Can live performance make the world a better place? 

For the past two weeks, students in Year 13 have taken part in printing workshops from local artist, Laura Thomas. Students produced their own designs and then printed these onto canvas bags. They also enjoyed the chance to be creative and to experiment with colour and shape.

MGGS_enrichment        MGGS_students_enrichment

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