Design Technology @MGGS

Design Technology at MGGS

Product designers in year 12 at Maidstone Grammar School for Girls have been exploring the technical principles of addition, forming and wasting processes as part of their A Level course.  Recent lessons have focused on various metal forming processes including that of casting. Students initially explored the theory of different casting processes including investment casting, die casting, pewter casting and sand casting. Students then put their knowledge into practice through a series of focused practical tasks on hot metal working for both pewter casting and sand casting.  

Here you can see a polymer former being used to create a mould in kinetic sand. The detail of the gingerbread skeleton transfers into the sand to form a cavity. A wall is then built up around the mould to prevent leaks and then molten pewter is poured in at 235oC. The pewter is left to cool and solidify and then the sand is carefully excavated to reveal a solid pewter gingerbread skeleton!

Design Technology by mggs students  Design Technology_mggs

Design Technology creations at mggs  Design Technology amazing creations by mggs students

Amazing Design Technology at mggs

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