Designing with anthropometrics @MGGS

Year 10 Product Designers have been getting to grips with the concept of anthropometrics and ergonomics as part of their GCSE course. Anthropometrics, as depicted by Leonado Da Vinci’s ‘Vitruvian Man’ (pictured), is concerned with the measurements of humans. Ergonomics on the other hand is how anthropometric data is applied to the design of products in order to make them more comfortable and easier to use. Students had fun measuring both themselves and each other in order to establish some previously unknown relationships between body sizes. A number of them were astounded when they discovered that the length of the inside of your forearm is the same length as your foot! Try it for yourself if you don’t believe us! Students will now develop this concept when designing and making their own products as part of their upcoming non-examined assessment task to ensure they are fully suited to their intended clients’ needs.

Designing and Making Principles @MGGS

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