Diversity & Inclusion


We are soon to reveal the badge newly designed by one of our students to represent our Diversity Ambassadors – they are continuing their work to raise awareness about all the aspects of diversity. 

We have recently learnt about Chinese New Year and they are planning events for next term around ‘zero discrimination day’ and ‘international women’s day’.

February is LGBTQ+ History month and, as a school, there will be some activities to raise awareness during the week commencing  21st February.

On 26th January Mrs Shave, with the help of some students, including our Ambassadors, successfully relaunched the Kaleidoscope club for Y10 and above.

Mrs Jenkins is also planning to launch a ‘Knit & Natter’ club for  Years 8 and 9 after half-term to create an opportunity for students to discuss diversity issues while creating some wool items for a ‘knit bomb’. If you have any wool you wish to donate for that purpose please send/leave it with the main reception staff.

Thank you to both Mrs Shave and Mrs Jenkins for helping to provide a safe space for students to discuss those issues.

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