ECHO Brand Design Industry Talk

ECHO Brand Design Industry Talk 2

We were very fortunate to have a design industry talk delivered to Year 12 Product Designers this week, courtesy of ECHO Brand Design who are based in Hatton Garden, London. ECHO is an independent brand design, innovation and sustainability agency who have taken on some well known projects in recent years. These include working with Disney partners for the rebranding of Smarties; the redesign of the packaging for Rexona products who trade under the UK name of Sure; and working with Kleenex who partnered with Mind to rebrand their tissue products during lockdown. Students heard from three senior designers about how they manage the complexities of problem solving whilst maintaining a focus on user centred design. They explored the experiential relationships users have with products and how this manifests itself into visceral design ideas that form part of a larger design process, all the while considering the semiotics of design symbols across the world. Students have since started to reflect on what they heard in order to prepare for their upcoming non-examined assessment task which will see them identify a problem in everyday life that they will work towards designing and making a creative and innovative solution for.

ECHO Brand Design Industry Talk      mggs students attend ECHO Brand Design Industry Talk

ECHO Brand Design Industry Talk mggs      ECHO Brand Design Industry Talk attended by mggs students

ECHO Brand Design Industry Talk at mggs    MGGS host ECHO Brand Design Industry Talk

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