End of Term for Sixth Form

A Goodbye from the Head Students of 2021-2022


I cannot believe how quickly being Head Student has gone. It has been an unforgettable experience that has provided me with an abundance of skills that I know will be applicable to both my time at University and beyond. Being Head Student has allowed me to work with so many different people and has shown me how supportive and hard working the teachers and students are at MGGS. Organising events such as RAG week and prom alongside the other Head Students was a wonderful experience for me, as despite the stresses, they provided me with the opportunity of improving my organisation and management skills, as well as the opportunity of working with three other amazing students. Organising these events alongside the threats of covid initially proved to be difficult, but also allowed me to learn how to adapt quickly to unexpected challenges. I wouldn’t change a thing about being Head Student and will be sad to finish this position at MGGS. I am forever grateful to the students and teachers that on countless occasions stepped in to help with various tasks, and I wish the best of luck to the next Head Students of 2022-2023! 


LydiaI don’t think I ever could have predicted the time I would have as a head student when I began this role last year. Some parts have turned out to be easier than expected, for example how quickly all the public speaking began to feel natural, and others have naturally turned out to be more trialling. All the hard work, however, has been so worth it for the rewards we have reaped. Whether that was raising money for Heart of Kent Hospice and our sister school in Nepal during RaG week, or just learning a valuable lesson when organising an event. I am so grateful for having been able to work with such an amazing group of people, and for the opportunities I have had as a head student. A huge good luck to the new team, you’re going to be amazing!


AnnaBeing a head student has brought so many opportunities for me including public speaking, planning RaG week and taking part in teacher interviews. RaG week will always be one of my best memories and it has been amazing to work with the other 3 head students who have always been so supportive and understanding. There have been some very stressful times but it has all been worth it and I wouldn’t change anything about being head student. I will be sad to lose this position but I want to say a massive thank you to the leadership team for all their help and everyone else who has supported me throughout. I wish the new head students the very best for the next year and I know you will all be amazing at the role!

Good luck and have a great year!


NicoleIt’s been great working as a part of a team of such kind, communicative people, and they’ve all done an amazing job on the roles they were given despite the pressure they dealt with.  Working with Abi, Anna and Lydia has been really great. Being able to see their ideas become actual performances in RaG Week has been incredible, and I’m so proud of the people I’ve got to know. Being able to raise money for a chosen charity, as well as the partner school in Nepal has been a fantastic experience, especially knowing we’re making some difference. We wish the absolute best for the next head students — we hope they’ll have many memories to take from this. There are some key moments that happen because of being a head student, and we all know you’ll be able to deal with what comes next. 

Congrats on getting the role!

Working together as a team has been a wonderful experience, and we are all grateful for the opportunity that was given to us to be Head Students at MGGS. We have loved being able to collaborate together to carry out events such as RAG week, and are very thankful to all of the students who contributed and showed their enthusiasm at this fundraiser! We will miss working with one another as well as working as Head Students. It has been both a challenging and rewarding role for us all and has given us so many vital skills and experiences, allowing us to experience public speaking, taking part in teacher interviews, giving tours and more. Although we are sad to leave this role, we are excited and grateful to be handing the role over to Millie, Sruthy, Charlotte and Ellie, who have already shown their enthusiasm and commitment to the position. We feel that they will continue to uphold the values of MGGS and that they will strive to make positive changes at the school. Thank you to everyone that supported us throughout our time being Head Students and good luck to the new Head Students!

Abi, Anna, Lydia and Nicole

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