End of Term for Year 8

MGGS_Year_8Year 8, you have continued to impress your teachers with your enthusiasm for learning and abundant positivity over the last few terms.  It’s been a busy time; you’ve had your first secondary school trip, participated in a virtual Road Safety Assembly and many of you have attended the Yoga, Movement and Mindfulness club.  Pastoral staff were so pleased to welcome your parents and carers into school in a relaxed and informal setting and it was heartwarming to see you all proudly and confidently talking about your school experiences.  Hopefully the recent visit from Sergeant Laura Barrigan also proved to you that resilience, grit and determination can really take you a long way (3000 miles across the Atlantic in fact!) and this has hopefully inspired you to strive to achieve amazing things. I have faith that you will. Have a great Easter Year 8 and well done on all your efforts this term.  

Mrs Foy, Head of Study Year 8

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