End of Term for Year 9


Well done Year 9 for making it to the end of another busy term. After completing your option choices at the end of February, you have continued to work conscientiously in all of your subjects, even those that you are not going to be continuing at GCSE. The Mindset talk at the end of term 3 certainly seemed to do the trick.

This term you have also had a really informative and insightful assembly from PC Bingham about communicating using social media platforms, which I hope you all found very useful. Along with Year 8, Year 9 also attended the talk from Sergeant Barrigan about her trip across the Atlantic; I’m sure you will agree that she is a great source of inspiration.

Have a great Easter break and I look forward to seeing you again refreshed and ready to start the next term.  

Mrs Harrison, Head of Study Year 9

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