English Department Prize Winners for Term 3

English Department Prize Winners for Term 3It’s that time again! We have decided this term’s book prize winners! If you’re unaware, this prize rewards those students from each form who have demonstrated a great passion for and determination in English. Each student has been chosen by their teacher to recognise their hard work and commitment.  

Congratulations to the following students:

Lauren B 7C

Laila M 7G

Eleanor M 7S 

Millie E 8A

Pranisha R 8F

Jemima S 8G 

Gabriella M 8N

Megan W 8S

Grace W 9A

Tavie G 9F

Amisha P 9G

Maria H 9N

Lilly G 10ab1

Charlotte K 10ab3 

Nancy B 10ab4 

Maia G 10cd2 

Izzy R 10cd3 

Eloise S 11ab1 

Amelie M 11ab3 

Maisy N 11ab4 

Amelia R and Sarah A 11cd2

Charlotte S 11cd3 

Pippa W 12 English Literature

Holly C 12 English Language and Literature

Adele T 13 English Literature

Danielle E 13 English Language and Literature

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