English Department – Term 4: Creative Writing Club Competition Winner

English Creative Writing Competition WinnerThis term’s theme for the Creative Writing competition was ‘Where would you choose to be exiled, and what essential items would you take with you?’. Congratulations to the winner Nethuli G! Here is a short extract from the piece:

Aunt Jane and Uncle Matt lived in a place I would like to call paradise; a fairyland full of ecstasy. They lived in a cottage on an island, which belonged to Uncle Matt. It was passed down from generation to generation. It was surrounded with a chorus of pine trees leading onto farms. Fields of rich harvest wheat and lush wine berry bushes that were quite vital for economic trades. But the best of it all was the lighthouse; it was magnificent and tall, covered in ivory white and red. It overlooked the sea and crashing rocks that surrounded it. I’ve only been to the island once and yet I could describe every single fascinating detail of it. I looked around my rather tidy room and started to pack the essentials needed. I turned over to my small yet beloved library that was crammed with books. I didn’t just like books; books were my life; everything I adored, desired came back to my unique collection of books. I loved the feeling of imagination when it came to books, how it felt so real yet  so far. I loved the colour of books; I always said to myself that ‘‘ if a book started to turn coffee-coloured, it meant that the book is most loved.’’ I packed three large leather bound books and looked over to my dresser. My dainty fingers traced along the fragile wooden frame of a picture. It was the only picture I had of my father; he had died in a car accident when I was 4. I caressed it carefully while willing myself not to cry. I packed up most of my clothes and toothbrush. I moved over to my flute. It was perfectly shaped, long and slender, made of walnut. It was my father’s and I got my musical skill from him.

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