Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Student Leadership Opportunities

At MGGS we recognise the rich and diverse body of students and staff that make our school community.

No BullyingThis week we have launched various initiatives for students to develop their leadership skills through organising various events to encourage healthy discussions and promote inclusion in line with our school motto ‘Non sibi sed omnibus’.

Students have been encouraged to apply to become Diversity Ambassadors. Once they have sent their application, their peers will elect 2 students per year group who will work to gather student voice on diversity issues, organise a calendar of events and raise awareness about all aspects of diversity, using the 9 protected characteristics defined by the Equality Act (2010). 

student councilAll year groups have attended an assembly on the role of the Student Council who will continue, this academic year, to raise awareness and promote our anti-bullying practices. Form Captains who are interested will be asked to form the Student Council to organise form time activities, plan the anti-bullying week from 14th November and gather student voice on the matter. 

Students will soon elect 3 charities (1 local, 1 national, 1 promoting diversity) for which they will fundraise, throughout the academic year, under the umbrella of MGGS Cares. Along with the leadership team and development trust team, we have asked for a Year 12 student to volunteer to become an MGGS Cares Ambassador.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Student Leadership Opportunities

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