Feedback from 11+ Preparation Sessions for Year 6

We are delighted that so many Year 6 students took advantage of our summer 11+ preparation sessions!  Here is some feedback and pictures of the outstanding work achieved.

“Thank you for providing the online 11+ sessions. My daughter, Isabelle, really enjoyed the non-verbal session. She has gone on to make some Tanograms and spent a long time colouring and cutting cardboard shapes to arrange into patterns!  Thank you for firing her enthusiasm!

Please see below and attached photos that Hermione has taken for her NVR skills that she would like to share with you.  “Your NVR session created a game-like approach to learning, so she very much got into the stride and looked excited and happy to make all the connections in families and sequencing!”

Pictured:  Odd one out and sequencing together on a table. An ‘X’ has been placed on the odd one out (horizontal). The next pattern in the sequence has been drawn (vertical), zoomed in: odd one out annotated and zoomed in: sequencing annotated.

1A_Non_Verbal_Reasoning_11Plus_Isabelle 1B_Non_Verbal_Reasoning_11Plus_Isabelle 1C_Non_Verbal_Reasoning_11Plus_Isabelle

“Hermione is focusing on her Familiarisation sheets and wanted to share some examples of her work below. The first is Maths, the second is Verbal Reasoning.

Just a little update from some of her work. She’s now completed lots of VR Familiarisations timely – as well as NVR, English, Spatial and Maths.

She’s found that playing word games and puzzle board games are all such brain teasers and workouts too!

Hermione J Hermione J2

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