Festive GloJam – 7th December 2022

Don’t forget that GloJam tickets can be purchased for students online via http://mggs.ptly.uk/glojam2022. Please ensure that a permissions form has been completed for each student attending (the link to the form can be found on the booking page). Tickets must be purchased by the end of Tuesday 6th December and will not be available on the day.

We have had great feedback from our previous ‘GloJams’ and we are planning for this one to be our best yet with the addition of a couple of popular Just Dance inspired routines and a few festive tunes to end the event.

You can view our trailer here.

We are also planning to have a GloJam for our wider community next year… watch this space!

Festive GloJam - 7th December 2022 at MGGS

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