Happy New Year

It has been good to welcome students back into school this term. I am grateful to students for adapting to wearing masks again in lessons. In comparison to having to work remotely at home this is a small thing to have to manage each day.

It has been good to welcome Mrs Hart, Deputy Headteacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead to MGGS this term. It has been my pleasure to introduce her to students in assemblies at the start of this term. I trust she will be very happy at MGGS. We have also welcomed to MGGS this term:

Mrs Phillips – SEND and Medical Coordinator
Mrs Cox – Safeguarding Administration Coordinator
Mrs Thunlow – Design Technology & Art Technician
Mrs Spreckley – Design Technology & Art Technician

Parent Governor Elections
A separate email has gone to all parents regarding nominations for parent governors. The governors carry out an important role in the school, and if you have the capacity I would encourage you to consider this role.

Absences/Covid-19 Update: Please ensure you read the ParentMail sent on 10th January 2022 regarding advising MGGS of any information relating to student absences or Covid-19 absences.

Miss Deborah Stanley, Headteacher

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