GloJam … What Is It?

GloJam is a fun, dance-based exercise class.  Imagine Just Dance in the dark with glow sticks!  A group of talented Post 16 students, supervised by MGGS teaching staff, will be leading the event with routines made up of simple aerobics and dance moves to suit all abilities.

It will take place in the Main Hall with the lights out and disco lights on and maybe a little bit of haze!  The glow sticks provide both light and a bonus arm workout.

This event is raising money for the MGGS GRIT Project

Students must wear suitable exercise clothing and footwear from home or their PE kit.  We recommend that students bring extra water to ensure that they are well hydrated, but there will be refreshments available for purchase.

Tickets can be purchased at the Winter Fair on 2nd November or online

 “My daughter absolutely loved it, she was buzzing when she left.”

GloJam...what is it.png

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