Happy 135th Birthday MGGS!

Happy 135th Birthday MGGS!During our 135th Birthday week Miss Stanley, Headteacher has delivered assemblies to our students, sharing just some of the wonderful history of MGGS.

Thanks were given to Sreelakshmi S in Year 10 for creating the logo for our 135th, which also features on the banners outside the front of the school and on the Sports Hall.

Happy Birthday MGGS 135th

The foundation for the school was laid in 1887 on the day that Queen Victoria celebrated her 50th Golden Jubilee. Funds came from the Rochester Bridge Wardens.

The school opened in January 1888 with 50 students. The first ten students who were enrolled were called: Minnie, Blanche, Edith, Elsie, Florence, Edith, Dora, Laura, Florence and Jessie.

mggs celebrate 135th birthday

In 1938 MGGS moved to its current location. There had been huge challenges in securing a new building and ensuring it was fit for purpose.  So in the year the school celebrated its 50th birthday it moved here.  The building was described in its design as a sunshine building and by the students as ‘the fairy palace’.

Happy 135th Birthday @MGGS!

Miss Keen, the Art Teacher at the time, painted key events including the move to this site. Some things moved from the old school to this school and it’s easy to recognise key items which are as old as this school.

Happy 135th Birthday MGGS celebrate

The trees at the top of this piece are still there! Miss Keen went on to record the history of the school through the Second World War and her work inspired our desire to open up our air raid shelters to the public.  The life of MGGS during the Second World War has been recorded in A Schoolgirl’s War and records key events at that time.

mggs scrapbook

We too have lived through a key part of the history of this school and we, with thanks to the Art department, have created our own Scrapbook of our time and our history.

mggs scrapbook 2020

It makes key links back to the school in the second world war and records our time and our history.

scrapbook artwork 2020   scrapbook mggs 2020

In years to come, when others are looking back on the history of our school these, alongside our other paints will be there for others to learn from.