Harry Potter English Enrichment Trip

Last week, the English Department at MGGS took two groups of students to Harry Potter Studios. This was a prize for winning the 2021 World Book Day competition! 

“Ever since I finished reading the Harry Potter series, I have wanted to go to the Warner Brothers Studios. This week, when I finally got the chance to go, I was very excited. It was an amazing day, from getting onto the coach to stepping off at the very end. Everything was incredible, especially the Gringotts Bank. The glass chandeliers, the goblins, the treasure-filled vaults, and above all the fiery dragon, all were remarkable. I really enjoyed being able to take the tour with my friends, especially growing moustaches with the delicious butterbeer. 

Thank you so much to the teachers for this opportunity. My personal favourite wasthe Hogwarts Castle model at the very end. The level of detail was breathtaking, and I felt that it truly was the best ending that could have been given to such a phenomenal tour. Overall, it was an unforgettable day, one filled with great memories that we will never forget.” – Sreelakshmi S Year 10

“It was a really amazing and fun experience, and I really loved seeing all the amazing sets. My favourite part was learning how to fight using a wand , but I also loved the forbidden forest!” – Poppy S Year 8

MGGS Harry Potter English Enrichment Trip    Harry Potter English Enrichment Trip MGGS

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