Partial Opening of Schools in Term 6

Thank you for your continued support of your daughter’s/son’s education during this period of lockdown. As I am sure you are aware the government have stated that students in Year 10 and Year 12 should start to have time with their teachers in term 6. We are currently working on how this will operate in school both safely and effectively to enhance students’ learning. As we start to work on this process, we know that we would only expect one year group to come into school on any one day. Details of how this will work will be issued in the second half of next week.

Clearly, as schools start to re-open teachers who have children in Key Stage 3 may wish them to attend school under the key worker provision. If you would like your daughter to access the Keyworker provision in term 6 and your daughter is not currently attending school please complete the Google Form here.

Thank you for your patience as we work on developing the arrangements for Year 10 and 12.


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