House Arts & the winner is…

House Arts “The Jewel in the Crown @MGGS” 2022 … and the overall winner is BRITONS!

House Arts Winners - Britons

2nd place ROMANS

3rd place SAXONS

House Arts 2022    House Arts at MGGS 2022

MGGS House Arts 2022    Amazing MGGS House Arts 2022

Wonderful House Arts at MGGS 2022         House Arts 2022 at MGGS

MGGS House Arts 2022 inspiring     MGGS students celebrate House Arts 2022

Celebration of House Arts at MGGS 2022

House Arts is the ‘jewel in the crown’ of MGGS events; an annual competition rotating between Music, Drama and Dance.  House Arts 2022 took place today and MGGS was buzzing with excitement!  This year’s theme is ‘Unity in Diversity’ and all of the Houses have worked very hard to express this theme through the medium of Dance.  Well done to everyone who has taken part! 

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