InterArt House Competition … Voting now Open!

InterArt House Competition … Voting now Open!

This term we have been running the InterArt House Competition, where students have been asked to submit artwork in any format under the theme of ‘Reflections’.

We have received so many amazing submissions, and every student who has entered has earned their house a house point just by taking part.  

The house leaders have selected their own finalists in each key stage, and now it is up to you who is the overall winner. View the slideshow with the artwork you can choose from, and you get to vote for a KS3, KS4 AND KS5 winner:

Please use this form to vote 

The winners from each key stage will win 100 house points for their house.  Students in second place will receive 50 house points and third place will receive 25 house points.

The vote closes at 11.00am on Wednesday 8th February and the winners will be revealed in next week’s News and Blog.

Thank you so much to everybody who has taken part.

Mrs Jenkins, Head of Art Department


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