InterArt House Competition Winners Announced

I am delighted to announce the winners of the InterArt House Competition as follows:


1st place:  Bernice H (Vikings) 

2nd place: Jasmine B (Danes)

3rd place: Bea L-T (Saxons)

KS3 interart house competition winners


1st place: Sreelakshmi S (Britons)

2nd Place: Freya B (Normans)

3rd place: Emma H (Danes) and Ella N (Romans)

KS4 interart house competition winners


1st Place: Alice C (Danes)

2nd Place: Sophie E (Normans)

3rd Place: Amelia R (Saxons)

KS5 interart house competition winners

Thank you to everybody who took part and voted.  I have added up the house points and the houses have come away with the following totals from this years competitions:

1st Place: Danes with 191 house points

2nd Place: Normans with 117 house points

3rd Place: Vikings with 108 house points

4th Place: Britons with 107 house points

5th Place: Saxons with 57 house points

6th Place: Romans with 49 house points

Look out for the InterArt Competition 2024, which will be happening in Term 3 next academic year.

Mrs Jenkins, Head of Art Department

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