Marathon Update & Thank You to 10F at MGGS!

Marathon Update & Thank You to 10F at MGGS!Last Sunday I completed the London Marathon – it was hugely physically and mentally challenging but I’m so pleased that I managed to run it all and it took me 5 hours 27 minutes in total. A huge thank you to everyone that got involved in fundraising for the stroke association. The staff and students at MGGS have been incredibly supportive and encouraging!

The staff bake sale raised £116 – thank you to the English department for all of your delicious contributions.

The sweepstake entries and student donations came to an incredible £155.30. Well done to Madeleine W in 10F who won the £20 gift voucher and Orla B, Demi S, Neave C, Penny L & Rebecca V-R who won doughnuts! 

This means that the total amount raised for the Stroke Association is £1,824.  I am hoping to reach my goal of £2,000 after the non-uniform day on Monday, 10th October (50% of donations will go to the Stroke Association).

I have to give a special mention to the charity representatives in 10F who worked tirelessly last week to help me fundraise: Emma J, Jemima F, Amelie F, Maisie C and Sophie H.

They said: “We supported Miss Wilson during assemblies to help raise awareness of her charity and what she is doing. We went round with buckets collecting donations and guesses for Miss Wilson running the marathon during each lunch time. We managed to raise £155.30 just from the generosity of the students which is amazing! Well done Miss Wilson and thank you all for your donations.”

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