MEGAOn the 8th December, we had our first MEGA Day! The purpose of the day was to: further embed our MEGA principles of Mindset, Enrichment and Extension, Google and Advanced Thinking into lessons to support students with understanding their learning processes, to provide a range of learning tools to students to help them to organise their work and to offer additional enrichment opportunities to Key Stage 4 students. 

In Years 10 and 11, students took part in a range of lessons and workshops outside of their usual subjects. These included: Floristry, Film Studies, Puppetry, Practical Philosophy, Volleyball and Typography. 

The feedback from students has been positive. Here are a couple of quotes from Year 10 students: 

“I found MEGA Day very interesting and I learnt a lot about the different aspects of film.  I was very interested in learning about what decisions might have been made behind the camera and why a producer would use certain camera angles or sounds”. (Fiyin I Year 10)

After a few months, I got to experience another Enrichment lesson, which I found very engaging and entertaining. I chose Sport, and I had a lot of fun playing benchball, dodgeball and other varieties of these games with my friends. It was active, but also quite refreshing at the same time. If I had the chance, I would definitely do it again. (Sreelakshmi S Year 10)

MEGA Day at MGGS Volleyball MGGS MEGA Day


MEGA Day Floristry Books and Tea MEGA Day at MGGS

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