MEGA day at MGGSDuring lessons on MEGA Day this week students had their normal lessons but with a focus on one or more of the MEGA strands; Mindset, Enrichment & Extension, Google and Advanced Thinking.

Mindset lesions incorporated:  Learning Networks, Learning Journals, Energy Line and closed book note taking.

Enrichment and Extension covered:  Student’s response to teacher feedback, Current News & Debate, Careers & University Links and Target setting.

While Google included: Google Jamboard, Google Forms, Advanced Search and other Chromebook Ideas.

And Advanced Thinking featured: Simple Memory Model, Modelling, Retrieval and Reflective Lens.

Lunchtime sessions on Enrichment included: Floristry, Maidstone Radio, Rochester Bridge Trust (engineering) and Swansea University.

All activities are designed to aid and support the learning of our students… what a busy day!!

MEGA at mggs  MEGA day at mggs

Mega Day March 2023  MEGA

MGGS Mega Day Mar 2023  MGGS students celebrate MEGA dayu

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