Message for GCSE and A-Level Art Students and their Families

Message for GCSE and A-Level Art Students and their FamiliesThe MGGS Art department understands that artwork requires time and resources, so we have considered how we can make these available to help support all students in their GCSE Art and Design.   We have a wide range of facilities available to your child to help them with their studies and I wanted to make you aware of these, so that your child has the opportunity to reach their potential.  In the classrooms, we have a large selection of art supplies in labelled cupboards, which students are welcome to use economically for their Art GCSE or A-Level work.  We also have more specialist equipment, such as etching and lino printing equipment, which students are welcome to request when they need it.

We have a policy that our GCSE Art students are encouraged to work in the art rooms at lunchtime and to ask for support from us in the office at this time. If students would prefer to stay behind after school on any day to work on their GCSE or A-Level coursework, with help from me, we will endeavour to arrange a suitable day.  Please email me on to discuss the appropriate arrangements for this opportunity.

If your child needs to purchase a specific art material or resource for their project, please encourage them to discuss this with their teacher, as we will endeavour to meet their needs.

We also have ‘Free Art Fridays’ for students across all year groups to come along and create their own artwork in B2303 every Friday lunchtime.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to email me at

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