MFL: Years 7 & 8 Spelling Bee Inter House Competition

All Year 7 students at MGGS competed in the French Spelling Bee competition from the beginning of the academic year and after 3 tough rounds, here are our winners: 

1st place: Romans with Nyah M, 2nd place: Vikings with Zuhal R, 3rd place: Britons with Lizzie L, 4th place: Normans with Gladys S, 5th place: Danes with Jessica I and in 5th place: Saxons with Scarlet L. Congratulations to them for collecting House points towards the House Cup. 

Year 8 also conducted a Spelling Bee Competition but in German and Spanish after 3 big rounds of spellings came our winners: 

1st place: Chloe H representing Romans, 2nd place: Millie E representing Normans, 3rd place: Emily Indyke representing Britons, 4th place: Omolola A-J representing Danes and in 5th place: Mia E representing Saxons. Well done to them all!

   MFL Years 7 & 8 Spelling Bee Inter House Competition_mggs    MFL Years 7 & 8 Spelling Bee Inter House Competition

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