MGGS Drama Students Take Over the Hazlitt!

MGGS Drama Students Take Over the Hazlitt!On the evening of Wednesday April 19th over fifty yr 9 and 10 Drama students visited the Hazlitt Theatre to watch Teechers Leavers ‘22. The classic play Teechers was originally written in the 1980s by John Godber. It’s a text that yr 9 study in some of their Drama lessons and it’s always a firm favourite with our students. During the Pandemic Godber decided to update the original text for a brand new audience of young people.

Hilarious, high energy and full blooded, Teechers Leavers ‘22 brings to life an array of terrifying teachers and hopeless pupils through the eyes of Salty, Gail and Hobby; three Year 11 students facing a scary world, armed only with imagination and a joy of theatre.

Teechers Leavers ‘22 explores the importance of drama and the arts in schools. They are a way for young people to express themselves and find out more about the world and their place in it. In a light hearted but also at times poignant way it also addresses some of the challenging issues faced by state schools in a time of cutbacks. 

We believe that seeing live theatre is not only enjoyable but it also helps to inspire and enthuse the pupils’ experience of drama, helping them stretch their imaginations for their own work too. Below is what some of our students thought about the show:

“I loved how all the actors portrayed the characters and all the funny jokes…as well as the Tik Tok dances.” Megan N in 9C

 “It was fun to watch and we loved interacting with the characters.” Annabel C in 9G

“I really liked it because they were interactive with the audience, it had a range of music and lots of funny moments. Thank you for giving us this opportunity, I loved it!” Jessica R in 9G

“I really enjoyed watching this performance, there was a range of musical styles that everyone could enjoy, hilarious moments and surprising moments like when the actor playing Miss Nixon started singing and it was amazing. Thank you for the opportunity.” Leah M in 9G

“I thought the show was really creative and I am amazed at how much energy the actors had.” Beth B in 9S

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