MGGS Extra Curricular Activities & Clubs

At MGGS we have a very extensive range of extra curricular activities and clubs available to enrich our students’ learning experience.  

By encouraging an inquisitive mind we aim to enhance our students’ experience and love of learning.  

Activities and clubs are offered in PE, Art, Drama, Music and many other subject areas such as the opportunity to complete a GCSE in Astronomy, The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, as well as subject surgeries where students can take their studies to a higher level, supported by our specialist Teaching staff.

Each and everyone of our students is welcomed and encouraged to take part in these extra curricular activities and clubs.

Once you have made your choices of activities you would like to join, simply speak to the teacher responsible and then start joining in.

Please note that individual or group Music lessons will carry a charge.

Students of all abilities are welcomed, inclusion is our thing!

MGGS Extra Curricular Activities & Clubs

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