MGGS Food & Nutrition: Lemon Meringue Pie

Traditional fruit desserts covered in baked meringue first emerged in the UK at the start of the 18th Century and have remained a staple favourite ever since.  With its citrus lemon flavoured custard, encased in a golden shortcrust pastry, topped with stiff peaked egg white meringue, all gently baked to add that beautiful caramelised brown colour – it’s perhaps no wonder why lemon meringue pie ranks so highly on the popularity scale. This week, Year 10 Food & Nutrition students at MGGS made their own lemon meringue pies from scratch – if you’ve never tried it, we can assure you it’s no easy task! With multiple steps, critical timings and crux-point consistencies, students worked tirelessly to perfect their pies. Here are some examples of the excellent work they produced:


Well done Year 10 Food & Nutrition students, we hope you enjoyed sharing and eating the fruits of your labour!

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