MGGS Inter-Art House Competition

We are delighted to announce the winners of our Inter-Art House Competition:

First Place

Abigail S, Year 12   

This piece is very well executed, well done Abigail! 100 House Points to Saxons.  

Inter-art Abigail S

Second Place

Jacob P, Year 12

This is a beautiful painting which has so much atmosphere.  Fantastic work, Jacob!  

50 House Points to Vikings

Inter-art James P

Joint 3rd Place

These both show a lot of skill and creativity, and I personally think clearly represent the theme of Growth as well.  A particular congratulations to Nina S, who is in Year 8 as her work held up against a lot of older students’ artwork.  Well done!

Rhiannon S, Year 12

Rhiannon has gained 25 House Points for Danes

Inter-art Rhiannon S

Nina S, Year 8

Nina has gained 25 House Points for Saxons

Inter-art Nina S

Thank you again to everybody who got involved with this competition, and to the House Leaders who helped me sort it all out.  Mrs Jenkins

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